Team building events are important for companies of all sizes and structures. No matter if you have thousands of employees or 10 employees or a collaborative environment or one where everyone works on their own projects, team building events are a must. Whatever your company and no matter how big or small, your business will be more productive when your team is happy.

Invest in Team Building

Taking an entire day away from the office for yourself and your staff could seem unthinkable. The cost and the missed work time might seem like a lavish expense and one you can do without. But in reality, team building exercises are something you can’t do without. They are a vital part of any company! Think about it as an investment. A team that doesn’t work well together or that isn’t engaged in their work could cost you business. Investing time and money into team building events and activities builds relationships and can lead to a more open and collaborative culture.

Aside from just being fun and an excuse to be together, team building events have serious business and personal impacts. Here are just a few of the reasons team building is important.

Get to Know Each Other

The most obvious benefit of team building exercises is that it encourages employees to get to know each other outside of work. It’s one thing to sit in the cubicle next to someone for 40 hours a week, and it’s another thing to chat with them casually and see them in a non-work setting.

Build Bridges Across Departments

Team building also allows employees from different areas of the company to get to know each other. People can interact with colleagues they might not usually see. At a company-wide team building activity, employees from the marketing team can participate alongside members of the finance team. Long-term employees are next to interns, and it opens the doors for new friendships and work associations. Team building embraces diversity because it breaks down the silos of companies and lets everyone be equal.

Improves Morale and Engagement

Team building activities allow employees to have fun. Instead of being stuck behind a computer all day, they now have the chance to learn a new skill, play a sport, or explore somewhere new. When a company encourages a fun activity, employees are more likely to feel engaged. This is especially true in our modern workforce. With so many employees working remotely or on flexible schedules, it’s common for employees to work by themselves or only communicate with people via phone or email. Team building activities bring everyone together and can make even the most solitary employee feel like part of a team.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Every job can get boring and monotonous at times. People want to work for a company that is fun and that recognises that employees are actual people who like trying new things and spending time together instead of just feeling like cogs in the corporate machine.

Create a Fun Culture

Engagement and team building all contribute to a company’s culture, which plays a huge role in attracting and keeping top talent. Many companies even use their team building activities in their recruitment efforts.

Develops Communication and Collaboration

Many team building exercises are designed specifically to facilitate teamwork and communication. During a team building day, teams will be forged for a specific purpose of achieving goals that are bigger than an individual could take on alone. When a team is tasked with a joint team building task, such as working together to beat an escape room or figuring their way through a ropes course, they learn how to work together. Team building activities can help co-workers discover each other’s strengths. That communication extends to regular work activities, as well. Two co-workers might be on the same team for a team building dodgeball game and realize they work well together. Back in the office, they can build on that teamwork and collaborate on various projects.

Encourage Teamwork

Team building also reduces conflict. Many workplace disagreements are merely misunderstandings or miscommunications. Team building allows people to understand their co-workers’ personalities and what makes them tick. When they know how another person communicates, it means that conflict is less likely. What could come across to someone as a snide comment could really just be a co-worker with a sharp sense of humor. Colleagues can discover that about each other during casual team building time.

Builds Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of all good businesses. Seeing your manager race around the track, sing karaoke, or play softball takes the relationship to a new level. Instead of thinking of upper-level managers and executives just sitting in their corner offices all day, team building activities can put a face and personality with the title. Moving beyond a strictly professional relationship builds trust and increases transparency within the organization. Employees feel like they can trust their managers because they know what they are really like.

Build Team Bonds

Once co-workers have gone through an exciting or extreme experience together, they are bonded together. Sharing a strong experience is one of the best ways to build trust and connection. No matter what happens at the office, employees will remember the team building activity and how they had to trust and rely on each other.

Go ahead and move team building events up on your company’s priority list. It’s an investment in the future and one that a company really can’t afford to not make. By focusing on building employee relationships, communication, and trust, companies will find more engaged and productive employees. Forget the trust falls and secrecy circles and get out there and try something new and is the real solutions !

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